Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who needs moonies when you've got birthers?

CNN investigation: Obama 'birther' claims have no merit

He was born in Hawaii people, get over it. Birthers are the political equivalent of creationists. Conspiracy theory nutters whose incessant wishcasting is a harmful distraction that gives ammo to those who want to portray conservatives and libertarians as ignorant and superstitious buffoons. Instead of pretending he is from Gondwanaland, how about focusing on his ideological beliefs and the destructive policies they inspire?

I'm getting a bit sick and tired of having to make excuses on this issue for people who are old enough and smart enough to know better.

In fact, I have a new policy that I intend to follow: NO MORE CRAZY.

No more crazy bullshit. No more making nice with people whose nonsense is making me look bad because I get associated with them. No more giving people the benefit of the doubt when they say something ridiculous. No more attempting to reason with people who are seemingly incapable of logical thought and every bit as emotionally attached to ridiculous ideas and conclusions as any incurable leftist.

There are some conservatives whose conservative nature didn't come from careful contemplation, but because someone spoon fed them (mostly right) answers when they were little. And while they are able to regurgitate those mostly right answers on a regular basis, they remain as incapable of finding the truth for themselves today as they were back then, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation by cranks and nutters.

It is a dark sign that this kind of nonsense has gotten this much traction. What use is a conservative/libertarian resurgence when irrational fantasies of Obama being born in some faraway land are the what it gets spent to promote?

Hawaii says he was born there. That means, short of real evidence that there has been some sort of fraud, that HE WAS FUCKING BORN THERE.

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