Friday, April 15, 2011

Obama isn't the disease, but the symptom

Let's Get Alinsky on Obama With Respect to Third World

It isn't just Obama.

It isn't just Reid or Pelosi or any of the other poster-leftists.

It is the millions of Americans who have been fooled into believing the deceptions of the left, or who are part and parcel of that deception themselves. In other words, the people who voted for him and others of his ilk and who agree with their policies.

Our nation is afflicted not merely with a bad president or some bad politicians, but with millions of men and women who are consumed by EVIL.

There is a book by M. Scott Peck called People of the Lie that describes this quite well. He doesn't talk about leftists in the book per-se, or politics for that matter, but his description of human evil fits them so well it is spooky:

1. The evil hide their motives with lies.

Bad people with bad ideas hiding behind screens of continuous deception are precisely what the left is.

2. Evil people want to appear to be good.

I don't even have to comment on that one....

3. When confronted by evil, the wisest and most secure adult will usually experience confusion.

This is why leftists are so hard to figure out. Trying to deal with them is an exercise in frustration and futility. Offer them something that is objectively good, that helps to achieve their STATED aims, and they'll reject it. Offer it enough and point out all the reasons it is good and they'll attack you and call you names. Only when you realize that their stated aims are the opposite of their actual agenda do their actions begin to make sense.

4. Evil seeks to discourage others to think for themselves (fosters dependency).

This is the one that I think is most telling. It is possible to believe that other things the left does are good, or at least intended to be good. A non-leftist could look at the left and assume that they are trying to do good, could be fooled by them. But what they work to do that cannot be construed as positive or well intentioned are their efforts to trap people in poverty and make them dependent upon the state. Next comes their creation of imaginary thought-crimes and speech-crimes in the form of Political Correctness. The truth isn't afraid of dissent, only people who peddle lies.

So instead of looking to Obama as the problem, look at him and understand that he's merely the symptom and that the real culprits are other Americans who work each day to destroy our nation and darken our futures.

5. To oppose evil we must have an ongoing dedication to reality at all cost.

Not all leftists are bad on an individual level. Many are merely hoodwinked. They believe they are good people doing good things, not understanding that their entire worldview is essentially a destructive lie. They can be helped. They can be persuaded. They can be rescued. Other people, your Noam Chomsky types, the people who craft the lies of the left themselves, cannot be helped but must be fought and resisted at every turn.

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