Monday, July 11, 2011


Yet another call to legalize drugs

To me the problem with the drug war is not the drugs themselves or their effect on users. The problem is that our efforts to prevent losers from losing by consuming drugs empowers petit fascists to send death squads into homes with no warning under the guise of a "no knock" warrant. No drug is as great a danger to society as our police forces let off their leash.

Luckily there is a long term solution to this problem: selective breeding.

Legalize everything. Sell everything in state-run stores. But to each and every drug add a substance that, if consumed over a period of time, causes permanent and irreversible sterility in both men and women.

The real problem with drugs is not that they ruin lives and often kill their users, but that they don't work quickly enough to remove the trash from our gene pool before they reproduce.

Civilization trumps natural selection, especially in places like the US where losers aren't just likely to survive, but even more likely to breed than winners in many cases.

Allow drugs, as a self-selecting process, to remove the idiots and losers from our gene pool so that, even if they don't die with a needle in their arm, they won't be making any little losers and idiots to cause us grief in the future and expand the welfare roles as vassals for the Democrats.

Let the drugs themselves eliminate the types of people who are likely to use them. Let drugs become the synthetic alternative to natural selection that our gene pool and society so desperately need.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Behold the crazy

When Women Confuse Being Asked Out With Being Raped At Knifepoint In An Elevator

This is what happens when mental illness is rationalized as a political philosophy. Anyone who has read the Unabomber manifesto knows what I'm talking about. Intelligence and sanity are not mutually inclusive.

Women are not victims. Women are not oppressed. The equality that pseudo-feminists claim to want has existed in the US for decades now, and men couldn't be happier. The world presented in shows like Mad Men seems like such a bizarre anachronism because it is. The only thing stopping a woman from achieving anything she desires is herself. No man is standing in her way. No men want to stand in her way. Why would we? We're too busy doing our own thing, pursuing our own happiness, and living our own lives. Lives that don't revolve around women.

I'm especially disgusted at her suggestion that self-proclaimed feminists have worked so hard to free women living under islamofascist rule in Muslim nations. They threw those women under the bus long ago. Why? Because they are Gramscian marxists pretending to be advocates for women. They threw American women under the bus to protect Bill Clinton in the 90's and Muslim women under the bus to demonize George W. Bush soon after that. They've lost all credibility with anyone who is paying the least bit of attention. It is one thing to be honest, but wrong. These people are despicable liars.

I'm sick and tired of encountering people who are my equals and having them tell me how oppressed they are when they enjoy all the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities that I do, only they fail to take advantage of them. I have no sympathy.

I do my very best to avoid such people. Crazy people make me very uncomfortable, in no small part because it is difficult to communicate with them. You say one thing and they hear another (or maliciously misinterpret your words to that effect) and you spend all your time just trying to find a way to get a message across without it being garbled by their own delusions and dishonesty. So I just avoid them as there is no point.


One of the posters to the blog above had this to say:

Be more understanding people. This is the closest SkepChick has come to being a victim of anything or anyone in her entire life, a life predicated around her sense of victimhood.

I couldn't agree more.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yet another reason to get rid of the Department of Education.

Notre Dame to Clarify Sexual-Harassment Policies in Settlement With Education Department

Reading this article, I was struck by the absurdity of a rape victim complaining to a university that she had been assaulted by one of its students. Call the police. File a report with the people whose job it is to do something about it. Don't call the school board when an armed robber steals your cash register. Call the police.

It is easy to assume incompetence here. That someone called the university instead of the police because they were emotionally distraught and didn't know any better, or that the university felt compelled to assume responsibility for this case because its employees were incompetent or deluded. But perhaps that is not what happened here. If the girl claiming to have been assaulted did not have a case, that is to say she only had her own word to offer up as evidence, then I would not be a bit surprised if she knew this. The laws that define sexual assault as a crime specifically state that the word of the accuser alone is insufficient evidence to secure a conviction. Additional evidence is required. Why? Because justice is about the pursuit of truth. When one person has the ability to see another convicted of a heinous crime by merely accusing them of it, the result is a criminal justice system corrupted into a tool for private tyranny, the very thing it was created to prevent.

So I'm not surprised that other entities who are not so constrained are being hooked in to the issue and forced to assume responsibility for determining the truth of accusations under a compromised standard of evidence.

This is insanity acting in the service of evil, and there is no reason why the American taxpayers should be subsidizing it.