Friday, April 22, 2011

A follow up....

This is a follow up to my last post, also posted as a response to this article:

What made you a conservative?

I mentioned in a previous posting that I self-identified as a "liberal" when I was a teenager, in large part because I had no idea that the term itself had been corrupted by Marxists and their fellow travellers. I thought a liberal, no joke, was someone like Thomas Jefferson. In truth someone like him IS what the term originally referred to. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I started to realize that the people who called themselves "liberals" had nothing to do with my understanding of the term, and could in fact be more accurately described as ANTI liberal.

Something else that I was confused about as a youngster was the political philosophy behind people like hippies. I was born in 1972, and lived in a socially conservative upper middle class suburb of Nashville and in an equally well to do area in northern Virginia, so actual hippies were not something I ever saw, at least not in their 60's regalia. But I did get to hear near-historical descriptions of the cover stories and propaganda that they created to describe their ideas. Based on this, and without knowing anything, I assumed that their philosophy was libertarian in nature. I know that sounds absurd today, but that is because we are wise not only to their lies, but the way that they twist language to promote those lies.

This goes back to something I mentioned before but didn't fully explain. There are many people who think they are leftists, but really aren't. They are "leftists" by default because that is what they have been spoon fed. The euphemistic language that the left uses to promote its nonsense can, when you don't know what they are REALLY saying, be interpreted in a completely innocuous way. The left uses terms to refer to the antonym of what that term actually means, with "liberal" being the most obvious example. This is a key part of their deception and why their lies are so insidious. Someone, particularly a young person, who is unfamiliar with the twisted meanings the left dishonestly imbues into words, can parrot their nonsense and think that they are saying something VERY different from what cognizant leftists actually mean when they says those things. The left hides its lies by lying about the meanings of the words it uses. This allows them to say one thing and really mean another. Of course people do get wise to their deception, at which point they choose NEW words to lie about, and attempt to re-invent themselves as something else. A perpetually emerging "New Left" will claim to believe in different ideas than their predecessors, when in fact Marxism is what ALL of them have always believed in and always will, they just abuse different parts of the dictionary to hide that fact.

This is why so many young people seem to be leftists. It isn't that they're actually leftists in terms of their character, but that they haven't lived and experienced enough to realize the way that leftists abuse language itself to tell their lies.

It isn't that people tend to become more "conservative" as they grow older, but that they realize that the things they have always known and understood in their heart are more accurately described as conservative or libertarian."

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