Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama, the misunderstood genius?

Is Obama too smart for his own good?

Even the smartest person in the world will be hobbled when the information and ideas they are attempting to work with are false. Obama isn't stupid, but he is a leftist. He believes in things that aren't true. These false beliefs inspire him to make decisions that, like virtually all other leftism derived choices, lead to poor outcomes.

These three academics, almost certainly leftists themselves, display one of the most common traits found among leftists: the desire to force reality to conform to what they want to believe instead of the other way around. They have these ideas you see, and they think these ideas are just SO wonderful that there MUST be SOME way to make them come true. Reality says otherwise, but they're not listening. Most of them will go to their graves wishing and hoping and believing that their wonderful notions could somehow be made real if the "right" people were in charge, or if people weren't so stupid, or any number of other excuses and justifications for why the world isn't how they think it should be. The whole "Obama is just too smart" idea is just another rationalization, and from people who should, if their training in psychology and behavior means anything at all, know better.

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