Thursday, April 14, 2011

The blame game - round 9,533,783

The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat. Neither can be solely blamed for the mess we are in because BOTH parties engaged in breakneck deficit spending over multiple decades. In terms of fiscal issues, the only thing that really distinguishes them is a relatively small difference in the RATE they spent at. That each party sought to spend on different things for different reasons is kind of irrelevant because neither had any workable idea about how their schemes would ultimately be paid for.

The truth is that BOTH political parties, as they currently exist, are the enemies not only of the young, but of the nation as a whole. The current Republican party TALKS a better game than the Dems (whose feverish notions can best be described as Mansonesque), but when push came to shove they failed to reduce spending.

Without a constitutional requirement for a balanced budget this will simply continue. Our political parties are not comprised of aliens from another world, but are representative slices of factions within our own nation. They are us. We are the ones who created this mess by refusing to hold our elected officials accountable for the money they were spending.

When the government spends more money than the public has paid in taxes, everyone loses. Borrowing against the future guarantees a future of POVERTY as the wealth of the nation is confiscated to pay off debts created in the past.

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