Monday, April 18, 2011

Stuck on stupid

Another post from a Marxist who just doesn't get it.

An enlightened ruling class?

Ruling class....

That term right there is where his entire argument falls to pieces. The ruling class in America is and always has been the middle class, and even then only in the sense that it is we who define the morality of our nation, we who have the most say in the nature of the LAWS that govern our nation.

From there his argument goes even further afield from reality. He talks about prosperity broadly shared. Well I think that is a great idea. To achieve this, how about we set up a free market economy with low barriers to entry in the context of a politically stable nation? What...? We already have that, and it's working?

Yet again we have someone who believes the concept of human rights in terms of freedom from something. Freedom from poverty, from hunger, from cold, etc, etc, etc. Such human rights are a fallacy because they cannot be achieved for those who will not achieve them for themselves without violating the rights of others. The only rights that can be freely given to any person are those rights which do not compromise the rights of others. When a right has a price tag attached to it, a resource requirement, then someone has to pay that bill, and forcing someone else to bear that burden is a violation of their rights. Socialism is involuntary servitude, slavery, and is morally reprehensible in addition to being a direct violation of the 13th amendment.

This guy is just another indoctrinated Marxist whose ideas about sociology and economics have about as much validity as phrenology does for the fields of psychology and criminology.

Marxism is a pass/fail IQ test and this guy is stuck on stupid.

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