Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Death by Government

Marine veteran murdered by SWAT team in Tucson

I have no words for this. I only have anger and hatred and the desire to see those responsible for this massacre put to death in the most brutal and bloodiest fashion. I don't just want them dead, I want them to suffer unimaginably, and to beg and pray for an end to their suffering long before the mercy of death is delivered. I want them to know what hell is like before they get there.

Cases like this one prove the wisdom of our founders when they crafted the 2nd Amendment. Resistance of tyranny is a lot more effective when that resistance is armed.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to Indiana, where all your rights are belong to us

Indiana Attorney General seeks reconsideration of fourth amendment ruling

Didn't we fight a war over this sort of thing a couple hundred years ago?

Agents of the state do NOT have the authority to violate the law, and that is especially true of those agents whose jobs involve the use of deadly force. A home invasion by police officers acting in violation of the law is morally and factually indistinguishable from an invasion by a gang of armed criminals - and should be responded to in like terms: the overwhelming use of deadly force.

This is perhaps the best case for why the 2nd amendment exists. You cannot rely on government to protect your rights. Government is the largest single threat to our rights. Only armed citizens, ready and able to stand in defense of our own liberty, can safely secure it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The maw of Maher spews again

Bill Maher: If You Celebrated Bin Laden’s Death, You’re Not Really A Christian

Maher is, in typical modern communist fashion, using Alinsky:

Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules.

Of course Maher, as a communist atheist of Jewish descent, is about as much of an authority on Christianity as I am on Buddhism. But that doesn't matter because rule 4 isn't about holding your opponents accountable to their own standards, but about continuously twisting and maliciously misinterpreting those standards so as to make them impossible to live up to.

Christianity is not a suicide cult. Nowhere in the bible does it say that the followers of Christ should prostrate themselves before their mortal enemies and pray for a quick death. But that doesn't matter because people like Maher will pretend that it does, and if that doesn't work they'll pretend something else about Christianity, continually looking to move the goal posts around. Why? Because they're evil lying bastards.

Everything you need to know about Maher can be summed up by this event. Osama, a profoundly evil man, has been removed from circulation. A man who was not just the enemy of the United States, but of the entire world, including those who foolishly supported him. His death is a cause for celebration because the world is truly a better place without him in it.

But what does Maher do? He utilizes this wonderful occasion to take pot shots at people he doesn't like for reasons that he cannot honestly state.

Maher is possessed of wit and humor, but all that means is that he's a talented hack instead of a talentless one. He uses his talent to tell lies and attack people who are far more worthy of praise, proving once again that evil is not merely the absence of good.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The "debate" over waterboarding continues even now...

"Waterboarding Was Effective in Tracking Down Bin Laden Narrative" Pressed by Don Rumsfeld and One Other Guy

The left isn't opposed to torture, they just don't like seeing their friends on the receiving end of the stick. Islamofascists hate America. Leftists also hate America. So naturally leftists tend to like Islamofascists. Hatred makes strange bedfellows.

Make no mistake, if it were a conservative or libertarian American (or especially an Israeli) being subjected to actual torture, complete with blow torches and eye spoons, as opposed to the faux torture of waterboarding, the leftists would literally jizz in their pants over it.

If leftists were genuinely concerned about torture then you'd see them screaming loudest when Islamofascists cut people's heads off, but they are strangely silent about that, except of course when they use such events as an excuse to (once again) blame America.

The greatest threat we face is not Islamofascist terrorism. Terrorists are like stubbing your toe, painful and annoying, but not life threatening. Our greatest threat is that the left will succeed in destroying us from within.

I say this not as a partisan libertarian, but as someone who looks at their ideas and is appalled by what I see. Socialism/Communism/Whatever-euphemism-they-use-today, is evil, full stop, for reasons that should require no explanation. Post-modernism is an attempt to deny the existence of truth itself by people who are on the wrong side of it. Does this mean that they are always wrong about absolutely everything? No, but it does mean that when they find the truth it is either an accident, or a small truth used to promote a much larger lie.

Conservatives and libertarians are not perfect. No one has a monopoly on the truth. But the ideas behind these two philosophies are so much closer to the truth, and are the result of an honest pursuit of truth. Someone who is seeking the truth for virtuous reasons will always come out ahead of someone who is looking to subvert the truth because they are motivated by evil.