Friday, April 22, 2011

The language police are at it again.

Obama Asks High Court to Let Regulators Crack Down on F-Bombs

Obama is pandering to the plurality of people in this country who suffer from the neurotic fear of arbitrary words. He does this because he is a politician. A Republican in his shoes would do the very same thing. If he does not make at least a nominal effort to chase after those who utter "dirty words" on TV, his challengers in the next election will call him to task for it and pretend that he is "anti-family" or some other such nonsense intended to manipulate the nitwits who live in fear of the Anglo Saxon root of the English language.

To illustrate the arbitrary nature of obscenity, in Paris the term "tabernac" is used as an expletive. What does tabernac mean in French? It refers to a tabernacle. Yes, that's right, as in church. And there, just as here, there are nitwits who will get their panties in a twist if they hear the word, especially if kids are in earshot.

I guess it really is true that hell is other people.

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