Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tea Partiers are racists, and other lies from the credentialed left

Academics dub tea partyers devout, racist

Consider the source

95% of Political Science faculty are self proclaimed liberal Democrats.

The problem isn't that they are wrong. The problem is that they are LYING.

It is extremely easy to create push polls to generate the responses that you want to hear. It isn't necessary to lie about the answer when you are asking a dishonest question. Normally reviewers would call you out for this, but not when those reviewers are religiously motivated to agree with your findings. These are also conference papers, which means that they have either not been reviewed, or were rejected by the journals they were submitted to. If the research was truly sound, they'd be published in a respected journal.

This is a case of credentialed sophists getting together and agreeing on a set of lies and misrepresentations that are then presented to the public as valid findings. It is also an example of why the humanities are considered a joke. Few people go into political science for legitimate reasons anymore. Those who do virtually never go on to pursue an academic career in the field. The discipline is today almost entirely made up of far left ideologues. Some academics in the humanities are more honest than others, but virtually none of them are conservatives.

But that's ok because the only people who believe them are others such as themselves. The Daily Kos echo chamber eats this stuff up, but mainstream Americans are unimpressed. When the ideas and principles that the tea parties believe in are presented to the public honestly, the vast majority of Americans agree with them. On election day the voters are going to pull the lever for the Tea Party because they agree with what we believe in even when they don't know it.

Leftists are in trouble because their ideas are bad. The Tea Party represents the rejection of these bad ideas in favor of better ones. I should know because I am the Tea Party. They accuse us of racism because they have no valid arguments to make. If they did, we would be hearing them. They can't argue against the things we actually stand for, the things we actually believe, because our ideas are unassailable. To attack us based on what we actually believe would only succeed in promoting our ideas. So instead they lie about us and call us names.

They hate us because we are right, because we are the living embodiment of their own failure to know and live with the truth.

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