Thursday, September 1, 2011

Return of the Ghost Dancers

Wolffe: Opposition To Obama Speech Possibly Based On Skin Color

The gratuitous use of the race card has exceeded the bounds of mere cliche and entered the realm of self-parody.

Do they actually think anyone is listening anymore, let alone taking them seriously?

This kind of nonsense used to make me angry because of how insulting it was, not only to conservatives and libertarians, but to the intelligence of anyone unlucky enough to hear it.

But now it's gone so far beyond pale that they aren't insulting people like me anymore, but making fools of themselves instead.

I almost miss the days when leftists actually pretended to have valid arguments to make. I miss their intricate sophistries because at least those arguments had a patina of legitimacy to them. This crap is such obvious nonsense it isn't even worth taking the time to debunk as only a total fool would listen to it.

I'm reminded of the Ghost Dancer movement among American Indians in the late 19th century. Defeated and broken, some groups devolved into a cult based on circle dancing whose adherents believed would bring back the buffalo and end the expansion of the United States. I don't know what kind of things the Indians chanted, but the chant from the left seems to be "Racism Racism Racism!"

It isn't going to work for them any better than it did for the Indians.

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