Sunday, August 21, 2011

Huntman pisses off the dingbats while trying to pander to the leftards

Jon Huntsman: Call me crazy but I believe in evolution and global warming

I find it pathetically sad that someone even has to say that they believe in evolution. It's like saying that you believe in electrons, or hydrogen. No one should have to come out and proclaim to the world that they believe in any of these things because the existence of each has been proven not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but beyond the shadow of a doubt. Either these things exist, or everything we know is wrong.

Despite what some people want so desperately to believe because their sense of self hinges upon it, the world was not created in 6 days roughly 6,000 years ago. The universe is billions of years old and the timeline for life on earth goes back almost 4 billion years. This isn't what it says in the bible because the bible is the collected and codified writings of Jews and Christians living in antiquity. Genesis is the Hebrew creation myth put into writing. Any relationship it has with physical reality or cosmological history is purely coincidental. The parts of the bible that deal with people and human nature are where the good stuff is to be found.

Does this mean that there is no God? Anyone who makes that argument is lying since the question of the existence of the Judeo-Christian God or any God or Gods cannot be falsified based on the flaws found in a creation myth. But of course that won't stop some Christian-hating pseudo-atheists from trying. As an irreligious person with no axe to grind nor converts proselytize to, I have no animosity towards people who are religious, but I do find people who pretend to be non-believers when they are actually motivated by malice and bigotry towards Christians to be odious in the extreme. Unable to come out and just say that they hate Christians, they instead pretend to find fault with the tenets of that faith, a faith that they would be disinterested in if they were truly not religious. A faith that they would judge by the effect it has on its believers. The value of religion is not in its empirical validity, but in its efficacy. A particular religion's mythologies may have no basis in fact, but if they inspire otherwise wretched human beings to become better people, I don't have a problem with that.

An atheist isn't someone who doesn't believe in god, but someone who hates it that you do. They're emotionally immature losers who cannot see beyond their own arrogance.

As for Global warming, it appears to be a leftist scam, a manufactured imaginary crisis cooked up to justify policies that they once tried to use other arguments to support. Arguments that failed. Arguments that were bald faced lies and evil agendas wrapped up in sophistry. These arguments went by many names and euphemisms, but the most clear and definite name for them was Communism.

Global Warming is nothing but Marxism through other means.

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