Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HIV, Smallpox and the incurable epidemic of human stupidity

Pathogens May Change, but the Fear Is the Same

The problem with a disease like HIV is not that it is fatal, but that it takes so long to kill its victims. HIV is extraordinarily difficult to contract. It is not airborne. You can't get it from drinking bad water. You can't get it from casual contact. To be infected requires the exchange of bodily fluids, blood and sexual fluids in particular.

This is why, of all diseases, AIDS is the one most closely linked to pathological behavior.

A 2007 study by Columbia University scientists found that almost 60 percent of gay American men who knew they were infected and were still having unprotected anal sex did not mention it to all their casual partners.

I submit that the primary reason these men were infected in the first place was because they were having unprotected anal sex with casual partners. If they had pursued a monogamous relationship with another man who was also monogamous, then they would be no more likely to contract HIV than anyone else. Promiscuity, not homosexuality is the problem.

If the symptoms of AIDS appeared in a week, and the disease was fatal in three, then this would not matter. The epidemic would literally burn itself out. But because it takes so damned long to kill the idiots who go out and get infected with it, they are free to go out and infect countless others, achieving a geometric progression that is limited only by the fact that male homosexuals make up less than 3% of the population, and they don't all know one another. IV drug users are the other group who spread this disease around, but they too are also a small population, and not all of them are going around trading needles like baseball cards.

Sexual promiscuity is self-destructive, even without fatal diseases like HIV going around. People who go out and stick their dick into every Tom and Harry are mentally ill.

The reason why normal, monogamous, drug-free (but I repeat myself) heterosexuals are almost never infected with HIV is precisely because we are monogamous and drug free. There are promiscuous heterosexuals in this world, but they are the exception rather than the rule, just as IV drug users are the exception. Gay men, on the other hand, are almost rabidly promiscuous as a general rule.

Normal people don't catch diseases whose vectors depend upon abnormal and self-destructive behaviors.

This is a big part of why I'm so unimpressed with whining gay activists who complain incessantly about how they are discriminated against. Of course they are. Junkies get the same treatment and for the same reason, they do things that are damaging to themselves and put others at risk, and most people take exception to that.

The left has succeeded in fooling so many into seeing discrimination as a bad thing, when it is not. Discrimination is not a bad thing at all. It is a fundamental expression of moral judgment. People discriminate against those who choose to do things that are wrong. This is valid discrimination. Of course there is also invalid discrimination, such as refusing to give a qualified candidate a job because of what that person looks like, or what they have between their legs, or any other number of qualities and characteristics that have no moral significance, have nothing to do with the job at hand, and which they have no control over anyway. The thing is, the left would have you believe that all discrimination, all discernment, is of the invalid kind. Once again, they lie.

As long as male homosexuals continue to be the most promiscuous group on the face of the earth, then people like me will continue to shun them. I don't care that they are sexually attracted to members of their own sex. It is of no concern to me. I don't understand it, but then I don't need to understand it. Freedom means freedom, it doesn't mean the right to do only those things that other people understand. Provided a choice or a pattern of behavior causes no harm to me or to the world, I don't have a reason to care what someone does. Unfortunately for gay men, spreading diseases like AIDS does cause harm to the world I live in and I take particular exception to the patterns of behavior that cause that harm.

Gay men need to embrace monogamy. Until they do, I will forever ostracize them. As the article above mentions, "gay men should stop defining their struggle for equal rights chiefly as the right to have promiscuous sex."

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