Friday, July 9, 2010

They just don't get it.

The left loves to latch on to disagreements among conservatives and pretend that civil war is on the horizon.


But that isn't the reason I'm posting about this article. I'm doing so because it keeps talking about something it calls "the war in Afghanistan."

Once again the left just doesn't get it.

The war in Afghanistan is not the war in Afghanistan.

The war is global because our enemies are global. A religious ideology of hatred knows no national boundaries.

There is no way to "win in Afghanistan" in any meaningful sense because Afghanistan is merely one of many battlefields.

Places like the UK, Holland, and Michigan are where the real battles will be fought, and it won't be with bullets and bombs, but with babies. Demographics is destiny.

Naturally we should deprive our enemies of Afghanistan as a base of operations and a source of cannon fodder and suicide bombers, but we should not confuse our ability to do this with some sort of cosmic "victory."

Victory will come when our enemies are dead.

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