Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fox news must be racist, cause black people don't watch it much

NYT blogger who complains about Fox News' viewership demographic suffers from the same problem.

How is it "racism" on the part of a network when members of a particular ethnic group don't tune in? I'm sure that Hee-Haw was not high on the list of BET fans, but does that make Roy Clark the head of the KKK?

These people don't seem to know what racism actually is. It has devolved into this catch-all describe-all term that they bandy about and throw at everything they don't like but cannot find honest fault with.

Are you left handed? Racism.

Are you right handed? Racism.

Did you eat your peas? Racism.

2+2=4. Must be racism cause none of those numbers are black.

I'm engaging in a bit of hyperbole here, but not by much.

Leftists have always been wrong (most of the time), but now they're going off the rails into the realm of full-blown crazy. With each passing day their desperation grows while their grasp of reality falters. They seem to think that they'll be able to convince people that conservatives and libertarians are wrong simply by calling us names.

Ad hominem attacks are the last retreat of the intellectually bankrupt.

Besides, why should news channels or newspapers or blogs be judged based upon the skin color of the people who consume them? Shouldn't these sources of information and commentary be judged on the basis of whether they provide factual reporting and insightful analysis?

Truth and reason are color blind. Something is very wrong when a news outlet is judging itself by the skin color of its patrons instead of the quality of its reporting.

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