Saturday, June 5, 2010

Keeping people in the Ghetto 101

Haitian ‘Social Justice’ Groups Want to Burn Aid

Now why do you suppose that a Watermelon Marxist group like Grassroots International would encourage people to destroy seeds that could be used to improve their lives?

The answer to that question can be found in the demographics of the people they are trying to victimize. Virtually everyone in Haiti is black. It is the policy of the left to keep black people in ghettoes. Some ghettoes are neighbourhoods in the inner cities of America. Other ghettoes are comprised of entire nations. The common factors that comprise a ghetto are economic poverty, spiritual and moral poverty, and a sense of hopelessness that anything can be done to make things better. So when someone comes along and offers the people in the ghetto something that might improve things, the left HAS to act to stop it.

If the people of Haiti are better able to feed themselves, this undermines the oppression that the left seeks to impose upon them. So of course the left is going to do whatever it can to prevent them from making progress in this way.

Now you might be wondering why the left would do this at all. Why would the left want to keep certain people in poverty. Well the answer is that they hold these people up as the victims of Democracy and Capitalism. In other words, the left works to prevent these people from receiving the fruits of Democracy and Capitalism so that they can then claim that Democracy and Capitalism have created the problems these people are suffering from.

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