Saturday, June 26, 2010

Infantacide by any other name

While reading this article, I couldn't help but think about execution by lethal injection. The article describes the use of painkillers on unborn children, including their use to relieve the pain of being aborted.

Think about that for a moment.

Isn't this same issue one of the main reasons why lethal injection systems start off with a heavy pain killer and sedative before delivering the lethal cocktail that causes death?

The article cites research that suggests the unborn cannot feel pain early in the gestational process, but that doesn't stop me from being completely unnerved by the notion of a doctor administering a painkiller to an unborn child so that it won't feel the pain of dismemberment.

The older I get and the more I think about it the more opposed I am to abortion as a form of birth control. When I was a kid I saw all the propaganda on MTV that made abortion sound like some kind of civil rights issue when nothing could be further from the truth.

Time and time again you will hear about a woman's right to choose. What does that mean though? Really, what does that mean? Unless a woman is raped, she made a choice when she decided to have sex. All choices have consequences. One of the potential consequences of sex is pregnancy. If a woman doesn't want to become pregnant then she should refrain from having sex, a simple fact that the left does everything it can to ignore

The left doesn't promote personal responsibility and understanding the consequences of one's choices when it comes to sex. The left promotes sexual promiscuity and the abdication of personal responsibility over one's sexual choices, all in the name of "sexual liberation."

Well that is just plain bunk.

Freedom does not mean making bad choices and then shifting the consequences off onto someone else. It means the power to assume complete responsibility over something.

Freedom of speech prohibits the state from assuming responsibility for what someone says. It prohibits the state from attempting to control what someone says. It also prohibits the state from punishing someone for what they have said. It does not mean that people who say stupid things are to be held in equal esteem as people who say things that are wise. The consequence of saying stupid things is that people are going to doubt your intelligence, if not your sanity. Freedom of speech does not mean that you are protected from this consequence.

The same goes for sex. People have a fundamental right to make their own choices about sex as long as those choices don't violate the rights of another. But with that power, with that freedom, comes responsibility. If someone makes a choice, they have to deal with the consequences. Choosing to have sex means you might get pregnant. Violating someone else's rights (in this case your unborn child's) in order to avoid taking responsibility for your own choices is as good a definition of evil as any I've ever heard.

Abortion is not only evil, it is unnecessary. The solution to the problem that abortion claims to resolve is to avoid becoming pregnant in the first place. Don't have sex with someone you don't intend to have children with. Contraceptives are available, and they do work, but they are not 100%. So either accept the risk that comes with the choice to have sex, or stick to sexual activities that won't result in conception.

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