Saturday, April 3, 2010

Evil vs Incompetence

The more I look at the state of affairs in the US today, the more convinced I am that our plight is not directly the result of evil on the part of leftists, but of incompetence on the part of conservatives.

Conservatives have allowed themselves to be bullied by the left. Conservatives have allowed their public image to be dishonestly mis-defined by the left. Conservatives have grown afraid to present themselves and their ideas to the public. They have ceased to present these ideas in a positive and energetic way. Instead they do so almost apologetically, and then only when something that the left does is especially egregious, such as ObamaCare. Conservatives have allowed themselves to be shamed based on slander and cast as a caricature of their true nature.

Then of course we have the Republican party. Choosing between the Democrats and the Republicans is like deciding whether you'd like to be tossed a hand grenade or force fed a shit sandwich.

First the Repubs handed us McCain in 2008, and now they seem to want Romney to be the new golden boy. Are you fucking kidding me? These jackasses are what the Republican party thinks passes for presidential candidates?

It is easy to blame the left for being evil. I would welcome a world without them in it. But the fact is that they exist and unless human nature changes they will always be there to cause problems. Some people are fucked in the head in certain ways and the result is that they become leftists. These people are not going away. Neither are they going to change. They are like cockroaches. The most we can do is keep them at bay.

This is where the Republicans have failed, and dramatically so. The left can only get a foothold when conservatives fail to live up to the expectations of independents.

A perfect example of this is health care reform. ObamaCare is a good example of that hand grenade, but why did it even see the light of day in the first place? If conservatives had sought health care reform (and not as a half-assed response to ObamaCare) and pursued real solutions to the existing problems, then ObamaCare would have been stillborn.

There are issues that are important to enough people that the left has succeeded in using those issues to trick voters into pulling the lever for the leftist candidate. This was only possible because the Republicans FAILED to address those issues.

This is why we now have the Tea Party movement. It is almost entirely comprised of conservatives who feel betrayed by the Republican party. I'm one of them.

This brings me to JD Hayworth. Why is it that a Republican congressman who was voted out of office is now suddenly considered a good candidate for the senate? Getting rid of RINO McCain is a perfectly good idea, but with Hayworth? If he had been doing his job he'd still be a congressman.

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