Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Communism or Environmentalism?

Anyone remember a british documentary called the Swindle of Global Warming? When I first saw it, I thought it was a slam dunk debunking of global warming.

Then I found out that they'd omitted data from 1980 onwards.

Then I found out that this same data forms the infamous "hockey stick" that has itself been refuted.

So we've got advocates and partisans on at least two sides of this lying, cooking the data, or omitting data that doesn't fit the conclusion they are trying to promote.

THIS is the fundamental problem with the "debate." When you have enough accurate information, the truth becomes self evident. When arguments continue despite the presence of conclusive data, and that data itself is obscured or omitted, it is because of hidden agendas.

I honestly and truly believe that the leftists who promote global warming / climate change / latest euphemism are doing so not for ecological reasons but for political and economic reasons. Its all about making the 3rd world safe for communism because pre-industrial agrarian societies are the ONLY places where communism has emerged from within. Communism can be externally imposed as in the case of eastern Europe under Stalin, but communist revolutions have never evolved on their own in any industrialized nation.

The leftists are well aware of this. However they cannot argue to the freedom loving peoples of the earth that economic development in the 3rd world will prevent a resurgence of communism. So instead they dress up as environmentalists and discourage economic development under the notion that it is bad ecologically.

The thing to remember however is that most of those on the left aren't really aware of this. They really do FEEL (as opposed to think) that carbon is bad, etc, etc, and that they are saving the earth from humanity. They're useful idiots in other words. There is a cadre, a vanguard, who cook these schemes up and drive the rhetoric who are fully aware of the true intent, but they don't advertise what they're really up to. It isn't that they're really trying to hide their true intentions either. They simply promote their false intentions so loudly that anything which reveals their true goals are drowned out. This isn't a huge conspiracy, but a huge scam perpetrated by a relatively small conspiracy.

However, when groups and individuals that set out to oppose these scam artists do things like omit data from 1980 onwards, it only helps the scam artists in the long run. You have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You have to tell truths that undermine your argument. If you cannot do this, then your argument itself is flawed. Failure to tell the whole truth will be seized upon and used against you.

Sooner or later the truth of the global warming scam will be understood by most, if not all. But by that time these leftist subversives will have moved on to some other scam. It is far better to fight them here and now than wait for them to cook up some other scam.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PC bullshit now supposedly a constitutional issue

I really don't see what his emails have to do with the 1st amendment.

Locking Hasan up months ago because he sent those emails would have been absolutely unconstitutional, and I'd be the first person to stand up and say that.

Depriving someone of their rights because of what they have said is WRONG. Locking someone up for saying something unpopular is the kind of thing they do in France to those who refuse to knuckle under to the dictates of Political Correctness. It is not what is done in a free society that values the open expression and exchange of ideas, no matter how unpopular.

Being a member of the US military is not a right. Being in a position of trust is not a right. Subjecting someone to scrutiny and careful surveillance on the basis of what they have said is not a violation of their rights, but common sense.

If I say "I want to kill Bob" and the police overhear me, it would be utterly wrong for them to arrest and incarcerate me on the basis of that statement alone. However it would not be wrong for them to keep a closer eye on me, and perhaps to warn Bob about what I'd said.

Diversity is a leftist nothing-word. It means nothing. America is a melting pot of people from a multitude of heritages, cultures and ethnicities. There is no special effort required to ensure that individuals from these various backgrounds live and work together as this is the inevitable outcome of their mere co-existence.

Tolerance is a good thing. Picking on someone for dressing differently, eating different foods, or practising a different religion is wrong. That being said, tolerance of difference does not and should not require the tolerance of evil. Your post-modernist liars will whine and claim that judging other cultures is wrong (and even impossible) because the notions of morality are culturally specific. This is bullshit. Right and wrong may not be ideas that are universally agreed upon, but they are universal truths. Some things are right, other things are wrong, and which is which can be known by the effects and consequences that ensue from each. In many cases one or more things may be right or wrong at the same time, with the difference being a matter of degree.

Tolerating that which you believe to be evil (not just different) is not a moral virtue, it is moral cowardice.

Many Muslims living in America speak a language other than English. This is a difference that should not be disparaged because it is not wrong in any way. Naturally they should be able to speak English as well if they expect to function in an English speaking country, but that is a pragmatic concern, not a moral one.

Many of these same Muslims are also extreme misogynists. This is a difference that should NOT be tolerated because it is demonstrably EVIL. Muslims who practice misogyny should be publicly humiliated and punished just as non-Muslims who do so are.

This is but one example, there are many others.

At the same time, there may very well be moral lessons that the greater society can learn from Muslims or their sub-cultures. The pursuit of moral improvement goes both ways. In a melting pot society, the virtues and positive values from all contributors are blended together, not melted away by the dominance of one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wisdom From Ace of Spades

Just knee cap Hassan and toss him in a pen full of half starved hogs and film it for distribution, then tell the world that this is how all terrorists will be executed. "Engage in jihad and we'll turn you into pig shit."

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gay Marriage and other Irrelevant nonsense

What difference does it make if dykes and queers have their relationships recognized by the state?

I really do think that issues like abortion and gay marriage are nothing but proxies for other things. Social authoritarians and cultural Marxists use these issues as battlegrounds because they allow both sides to do what they most love, beat up on each other. Forget football or baseball, ideological squabbling is America's real national pastime.

What convinces me that these issues are proxies is that they are so unimportant. Real issues of real import wouldn't attract so many hangers on. Neither would real issues split so cleanly down ideological lines. Gay marriage affects gay people, who are an extreme minority. It doesn't affect normal people. Abortion affects teenagers who are too ignorant and stupid to use contraceptives properly. It doesn't affect responsible adults. It affects the dead babies too of course, but they aren't adding much to the debate. They're a quiet bunch, don't tend to say much.

The bile and vitriol exchanged over these topics are so extreme precisely because the stakes are so small. Whether abortion is legal or not won't make one whit of difference in the lives of most people. The same goes for gay marriage. This is also why a consensus is never reached, because to do so would mean that they players would have to find some other irrelevancy to bitch at each other about.

About the only thing that is good about all this is that it keeps these nutters occupied. Heaven forbid they ever stopped fighting with each other and had the opportunity to lay in to everyone else.

"Honor" maimer now a murderer

Misogynist succeeds in murdering his daughter

Many would say that he should be executed, but I think that is going easy on him. There are fates in this world worse than death.

I think he should have his hands and feet chopped off. The same hands and feet that operated the Jeep he used to murder his own daughter. Leave him unable to feed himself or even wipe his own ass.

I'd also investigate the hell out the rest of the family too. This kind of crap doesn't happen in a vacuum and is usually a conspiracy hatched by multiple family members.

The AP can't handle the truth

Senate blocks census US-citizenship question

Apparently the AP doesn't know the difference between a naturalized citizen and an illegal alien. The article above details how the Dhimmis in the senate have blocked a measure that would have census takers ask whether someone is a citizen or not. As transparently malicious as this is, it is what I expect from those turds and so I'm not particularly ruffled over it.

What does get my goat is how the author of the article repeatedly refers to non-citizens as "immigrants." This would be perfectly reasonable if he were writing an article about people with green cards or visas. In this case however he is writing about illegal aliens. To refer to them as "immigrants" is a flat out lie. He is deliberately obscuring the difference between illegal aliens and legal immigrants. This isn't the first time I've seen this kind of deception. Lefties just love to call illegal aliens "immigrants" and talk about how awful it is that so many Americans are bigoted against "immigrants."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reaction of leftists to conservative victories

Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain't that a big enough majority in any town?
-- Mark Twain, "Huckleberry Finn"

Guess not....

The stupidity of the American people has been greatly exaggerated.