Friday, November 6, 2009

Gay Marriage and other Irrelevant nonsense

What difference does it make if dykes and queers have their relationships recognized by the state?

I really do think that issues like abortion and gay marriage are nothing but proxies for other things. Social authoritarians and cultural Marxists use these issues as battlegrounds because they allow both sides to do what they most love, beat up on each other. Forget football or baseball, ideological squabbling is America's real national pastime.

What convinces me that these issues are proxies is that they are so unimportant. Real issues of real import wouldn't attract so many hangers on. Neither would real issues split so cleanly down ideological lines. Gay marriage affects gay people, who are an extreme minority. It doesn't affect normal people. Abortion affects teenagers who are too ignorant and stupid to use contraceptives properly. It doesn't affect responsible adults. It affects the dead babies too of course, but they aren't adding much to the debate. They're a quiet bunch, don't tend to say much.

The bile and vitriol exchanged over these topics are so extreme precisely because the stakes are so small. Whether abortion is legal or not won't make one whit of difference in the lives of most people. The same goes for gay marriage. This is also why a consensus is never reached, because to do so would mean that they players would have to find some other irrelevancy to bitch at each other about.

About the only thing that is good about all this is that it keeps these nutters occupied. Heaven forbid they ever stopped fighting with each other and had the opportunity to lay in to everyone else.

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