Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Communism or Environmentalism?

Anyone remember a british documentary called the Swindle of Global Warming? When I first saw it, I thought it was a slam dunk debunking of global warming.

Then I found out that they'd omitted data from 1980 onwards.

Then I found out that this same data forms the infamous "hockey stick" that has itself been refuted.

So we've got advocates and partisans on at least two sides of this lying, cooking the data, or omitting data that doesn't fit the conclusion they are trying to promote.

THIS is the fundamental problem with the "debate." When you have enough accurate information, the truth becomes self evident. When arguments continue despite the presence of conclusive data, and that data itself is obscured or omitted, it is because of hidden agendas.

I honestly and truly believe that the leftists who promote global warming / climate change / latest euphemism are doing so not for ecological reasons but for political and economic reasons. Its all about making the 3rd world safe for communism because pre-industrial agrarian societies are the ONLY places where communism has emerged from within. Communism can be externally imposed as in the case of eastern Europe under Stalin, but communist revolutions have never evolved on their own in any industrialized nation.

The leftists are well aware of this. However they cannot argue to the freedom loving peoples of the earth that economic development in the 3rd world will prevent a resurgence of communism. So instead they dress up as environmentalists and discourage economic development under the notion that it is bad ecologically.

The thing to remember however is that most of those on the left aren't really aware of this. They really do FEEL (as opposed to think) that carbon is bad, etc, etc, and that they are saving the earth from humanity. They're useful idiots in other words. There is a cadre, a vanguard, who cook these schemes up and drive the rhetoric who are fully aware of the true intent, but they don't advertise what they're really up to. It isn't that they're really trying to hide their true intentions either. They simply promote their false intentions so loudly that anything which reveals their true goals are drowned out. This isn't a huge conspiracy, but a huge scam perpetrated by a relatively small conspiracy.

However, when groups and individuals that set out to oppose these scam artists do things like omit data from 1980 onwards, it only helps the scam artists in the long run. You have to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You have to tell truths that undermine your argument. If you cannot do this, then your argument itself is flawed. Failure to tell the whole truth will be seized upon and used against you.

Sooner or later the truth of the global warming scam will be understood by most, if not all. But by that time these leftist subversives will have moved on to some other scam. It is far better to fight them here and now than wait for them to cook up some other scam.


daco said...

Where is the evidence of lying on the part of the folks who did the documentary The Global Warming Swindle? Most scientific temperature records in the last decade show global cooling.

Lee Reynolds said...

They omitted data from 1980 onwards.

That being said, this same period of time is now apparently at the heart of the "climategate" fiasco. The numbers from this period (among others) now appear to be cooked to create the now infamous "hockey stick" graph.

So it would appear that we have more than one set of liars telling different lies for different reasons.

The truth doesn't have an agenda.