Monday, October 19, 2009

Politically Correct "White Flight"

"PC "White Flight"

The term "white flight" is a misnomer. It isn't white people who seek out nice places to live, but the best and brightest of all creeds and colors who make their way to good communities.

The slums and ghettos of the inner cities are comprised of those Darwin Award winners who don't have the good sense to leave. For years and years I've heard all this talk about ghettos and the people who live there and how so many of them dream of getting out. This might be a sad story if these people were being prevented from leaving, but they are not. Buy a bus ticket and leave town. It really is that simple. But then it isn't that simple. These people are stuck because they imagine themselves to be. The ghetto is not a place, but a state of mind. People stay in the ghetto and refuse to leave because they cannot imagine any other kind of existence.

Those on the left would argue that this is all due to racism, and invent exceptionally sophisticated arguments to back this claim up. Failing that, they will get nasty and start calling people names.

The truth of the matter is that the ghetto is created by the people who live there. If things are bad in a community, then it is the fault of the people who make up that community. You can't blame other people in other places who are not a part of that community and are contributing nothing to that community - either good or bad. You can't blame conditions in China on people in Australia.

The same is true of ghettos. Crime in the ghetto is perpetrated by people who live in the ghetto. It isn't committed by someone somewhere else. High rates of illegitimacy and STD infection are the result of people in the ghetto engaging in irresponsible and self destructive sexual practices. All of these problems are being actively created and perpetuated by the people who live there. There ain't nobody else around to do these things but the people who are there. If and when these people stop doing the wrong things and start going the right things then these problems will disappear. You can't have a high crime rate if people aren't out committing crimes. You can't have bad schools if the students are trying to learn and their parents are supporting them in their educational pursuits. You can't have rampant STD infections and unwed mothers when men and women are being sexually responsible.

In a way I almost envy someone who lives in a ghetto for one simple reason: they have no one to go but up. Not only that, but they have an almost incalculable quantity of the most precious of all resources: opportunity. Someone living in a bad neighborhood and going to a bad school is still master of their own destiny. If they apply themselves, they can make their lives into anything they can imagine. Their road will be harder than that of someone like Ted Kennedy, but not so hard that it cannot be traveled. They will encounter racism and unfair discrimination along the way to be sure, but they will also encounter those who will work to make their path easier. At the end of the day, whether they succeed or fail is entirely up to them, which is precisely the lesson that the left does NOT want them to learn.

The left must maintain the fiction that minority failure is the result of racism in order to convince those minorities that they cannot hope to achieve anything. The game that the left plays is to take someone who is in a bad place, but who has vast opportunities to change their life for the better, and convince that person that their lot in life is the result of external oppression. The leftist then works to discourage that person from taking advantage of the opportunities that are available, telling them that it is useless and pointless to do so because “the man” will never let them be a free and equal member of society. Anyone from this minority group who sees through the con and makes something of themself anyway is labeled a traitor and subjected to the most extreme form of racist attacks. This is why leftists and the useful idiots within the black community who have falled for the con attack people like Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas with such ferocity. The left is terrified that the people who populate these gettoes will realize what most conservatives know instinctively: Character is destiny. Not color, not creed, not social class, but character and the choices that one makes. These are what determine how much success and happiness someone will find in their life.

The left has been perpetrating the con of “Whitey won't let you” on black people for generations now, and that they are working very hard to perpetrate it on hispanics as well. It is no accident that the left is so anxious to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible. They want to create or import as many designated “victims” as possible. The purpose behind this is to create a swelling underclass of the disenfranchised in preparation for Marxist revolution. No matter what they tell you, this is what they are trying to do. Or at least what the ones who are actually aware of the agenda are consciously trying to do. There are also innumerable Useful Idiots who actually fall for the cover stories and sophistry that the leftist apologists invent to hide their agenda and go along with whatever they are told, never realizing the evil nature of what they are promoting.

It really doesn't matter what leftists say from one day to the next or one decade to the next, everything they do and everything they work for is either directly or indirectly for the purpose turning America into a Marxist prison state. Leftists lie, even when they tell the truth.

So don't be surprised that leftists seek to insulate themselves from the groups of the downtrodden and discouraged that they work to create. They're seeking to destroy society, but they want to enjoy the benefits of society in the meantime.

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daco said...

Great Posts! You tell it like it is! Personal responsibility is a thing of the past in the leftist world view. I've got news for those fools, if they think they can import revolution by allowing illegals into this country...... even the japanese were very afraid of invading the US in WWII. One of their commanders made the comment that there would be a rifle behind every bush. There still is. Except now it's a very high tech rifle with a large capacity magazine and powerful optics. The folks in the rural areas of this country will not sit idly by and let this country be taken over by such people. Be prepared.