Thursday, October 22, 2009

Border fences and E-Verify

Shock: eVerify, Border Fence Provisions Mysteriously Vanish from Homeland Security Bill in Conference

Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity.
- George S. Patton

A border fence is not the answer.

The solution to illegal aliens invading our country is to make it impossible for them to function in society once they get here. Illegals will depart when laws are created, and existing laws enforced, to prevent illegal aliens from
  • working
  • voting
  • conducting financial transactions at banks or other institutions
  • buying a house or renting an apartment
  • enrolling their children in public school
  • registering a car or obtaining a driver's license
  • otherwise functioning in society
As it stands right now, once illegals are over the border, they're pretty much home free. Making it more difficult to get past the border will help some, but not very much. The border does need to be secured against Islamic terrorists, but ONLY as part of a larger comprehensive effort to protect the country against that threat. It is not an effective singlular defense against illegal aliens.

The virtue of systematically excluding illegals from American society is that it will not only discourage them from coming here, but will encourage those who are already among us to return from whence they came.

Back when I was in high school in the late 80's and early 90's, I was required to provide official documents to prove I was a U.S. Citizen in order to get a job at the local fast food joints. Today all those jobs are being done by illegal aliens. If even the existing laws were being enforced then this would not be happening. What good is a border fence when the local Wendy's franchise owner is willing to pay Paco under the table? But if Paco can't use that money to put a roof over his head, has to ride the bus to work because he can't drive, and can't send his kids to school, then he simply won't stick around. This is why E-Verify is so very important, far more important than building a fence.

The reason for doing this is not so that the American losing class will still be able to find jobs scrubbing toilets and flipping burgers. The reason to do this is to prevent the Gramscian Marxists on the left from having a new group to play with. For those of you who are not familiar with Gramscian Marxism, a good explanation, with a bit of Catholic bias, can be found here:

Who was Antonio Gramsci? How was he influencial on the ''Frankfurt School''? And what has the ''Frankfurt School'' been doing to our kids for the last 50 years?

I am about to give a synopsis of the most dangerous threat the Western World has ever faced - worse than Osama bin Laden by a longshot. It's a conspiracy to change the hearts and minds of those living in freedom so that they will not just embrace slavery and bondage to the State, but they will riverdance joyfully right into the gulag. Europe has already succumbed to it.

Antonio Gramsci (pronounced ''GRAM-ski''), was one of the founders of the Italian Communist Party, and he died a prisoner of Mussolini's prison system on April 27, 1937. While imprisoned he kept a diary of his political musings and historical studies and insites. These Prison Diaries give a full picture of Gramsci's ideas on Marxism, which were quite different than those of the Soviets, who provided money and logistics to the Italian Party in its early years.

The Soviet model for the spread of Communism was the export of revolution. Soviet agencies would find and support communists in a country who engaged in protest at government policies and actions. Meanwhile Soviet spies worked at subverting the government's response to political and social need, as well as Party activities, both legitimate and illegitimate. The theory goes that the combination of fomenting popular dissent coupled with subverting the normal function of government would cause the populace to rise in revolt, and in the ensuing chaos the Communists would take power, ruthlessly sweep aside all competitors, and a new ''prolateriat of the people'' would be born.

Gramsci's insite, indeed his genius, came from comparing Italian history to Russian history. He determined that despite the efforts of the Czar to modernize Russia in the pre-revolutionary period, Russia was not a Western nation. Italy was, and Gramsci thought that Western traditions and values were simply too strongly engrained in the Italian people, and the people of other Western nations, to be overcome by armed revolution.
Gramsci advocated a long-term approach instead. He thought the only way to conquer the West was to destroy the West's political and religious values through moral subversion and reinterpret Western history in such a way that makes it look evil and corrupt. Gramsci knew this was a long term goal, since those people of his own generation were exposed to Western values and would be unwilling to give them up. Gramsci knew though that future generations could be influenced IF there was a way of exposing them to the proper propaganda. Gramsci, in a shrewd mix of Machiavelli, Marx and Proverbs 22:6, advocated attacking the children through the schools in order to - Pied Piper-like - lead them into communism.

Gramsci had many followers both in Italy and Germany, although he was generally derided in Soviet influenced circles. Among those followers were a group of German education theorists known as the ''Frankfurt School''.

Headed by Max Horkheimer, the group included Theodor Adorno, Alfred Schmidt, Jurgen Habermas, Erich Fromm, and Wilhelm Reich - all names that should be familiar to any Political Science, Education, Psychology or Philosophy majors and degree holders. The philosophic outlook of the School was Gramscian, although Max Weber, Sigmund Freud, Immanuel Kant, and Friedrich Hegel were also influential. The members of the Frankfurt School saw it as their duty to comment on social conditions which Marx may not have been aware of and attempt to influence public policy along Marxist lines to change those social conditions.

This was due to the belief that even the individual and the family unit were repressive structures imposed by capitalism and Christianity. By liberating the individual from social controling factors of their culture, people would be free to follow the logical and rational choice of communism. Universal values (like equality before the law), and even the concept of ''truth'' itself - which are central to Western civilization and are the contribution of Judaism and Christianity to Western political thought - were deemed to be simply a means of oppressing the individual from accepting communism.

In 1933, the members of the Frankfurt School fled Germany once Hitler took power. The majority of the members of the movement came to the United States where they were allowed to teach in American universities. They were very influential in Political Science and Education departments, where their social criticisms were deemed a new way of looking at social structure, called ''deconstructionism''.
Essentially, they began rewriting history in such a way that makes Western Culture look guilty of crimes against all other cultures it has come into contact with. The reason the West committed these crimes was due to trying to spread the poison of Christianity to other cultures so they could be subdued and exploited.

Christianity was guilty of crimes against humanity - it encouraged slavery, attempted to impose itself on Islam by force through the Crusades, murdered millions in the Spanish Inquisition, tried to silence Galileo from pushing forward the boundaries of rationalism and science, destroyed the cultures of North and Central America in a search for filthy lucre, attempted to do the same to the Far East and Africa through colonialization, and was responsible for the murder of 8 million Jews in the Holocaust. Christianity was genocidal, repressive of sexual expression, the justification for capitalistic exploitation, and placed restraints on the individual, the family and society in order to keep the oppresive class structure going.

Over the years they influenced generations of students, using tenure to launch attacks on both American and European Culture and those in academia who opposed their views. The 1960's counterculture and peace movements, long recognized by both political sides as being a leftist phenominon, was a direct result of this Gramsciist indoctrination - ''You can't trust the social institutions or the government because they are run by the Man and should be torn down.''

By starting in the Education, Poli Sci, and Philosophy departments, the Gramsciists gained control over the Teachers, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers (since according to the UNF Philosophy Department's own brosure, Philosophy majors are the most successful majors in Law School, and do the best in courtroom settings according to statistics). The most important of these was the teachers.

Those of you who are old enough to have had your children in the 1960's probably remember the news stories about ''The New Math''. Certainly you remember the first efforts at Sex Education. Probably fewer of you remember the controversy over teaching phonics, or ''values education''. Only those ostriches with their heads in the sand can fail to notice the more modern educational talk about ''tolerance'', ''diversity'', ''multiculturalism'', ''critical thinking'' and ''political correctness''.
All of this - ALL of this - is part of the Gramsciist theory of taking over a culture. Stop teaching the rugrats the skills needed to function successfully in society, such as reading, writing and arithmatics, and start teaching them to not be judgemental and the proper way to put a condom on (since they are going to have sex anyway because they shouldn't follow mom and dad's judgemental attitude towards premarital sex among minors. ''How dare they impose their hypocritical, Christian, outdated morals on me! Oh, my aching self-esteem!'')

Why can't Johnny read? Because we stopped teaching him how to read and started teaching him to be critical of traditional values and uncritical of non-traditional values. But don't worry, some one who can read will read Heather Has Two Mommies to him. Right after the filmstrip of George W. Bush's war crimes. We already see the effect of Gramsciism all around us - the anti-War movement, the Gay marriage movement, the Environmental movement, the phenominon of The DaVinci Code. All began with a change in what was being taught in school.

By understanding Gramsciism's hold on modern society can we hope to understand why groups always on the fringe of society are able to gain consessions under the law. And with control of the schools, the mindset that allows this to happen is engrained at an early age. Train up a child in the way he should go...

This is a leaderless conspiracy. There is no smoke filled room running the ''great conspiracy'' because Gramsci knew all that was needed was a seed being planted. Gramsci spoke of cultural ''hegemony'', which simply means that those in power set the philosophy by which those not in power live by. All that was needed was to control one part of the culture - the one where the young learned how to function within the culture - by which they would be taught the ''truth'' about their culture and the ''common sense'' of Marxism. And when the children reached the age where they took control of society they would act in a way that moved society towards that ''common sense''. ''Thinking globally and acting locally.''

In this way, ''leaders'' and ''organizer'' would arise from within the ranks of bourgeois society; in short a ''new intellectual'' would arise who saw his purpose as organizing the people rather than the ruling class. As Gramsci himself stated, ''The mode of being of the new intellectual can no longer consist in eloquence, but in active participation in practical life, as constructor, organizer, 'permanent persuader' and not just a simple orator.''

Gramscianism is the basis of Political Correctness and the notion that being a racial or ethnic minority entitles someone to special treatment. They are the ones who have convince so many that they are victims of oppression because of their skin color or the fact that their surname ends with a vowel. They are the promoters of hyphenated americanism and the adversarial tribalism that underlies it.

Keeping illegal aliens out helps prevent gramscians from being able to do more damage than they already have. Without illegals, there would be no groups like La Raza.


Brittanicus said...

Our government needs to prove to the American workers that they mean what they say? That means secure borders and interior immigration enforcement. E-Verify is part of nationwide enforcement, a tool that has caused hysteria amongst the open border demagogues. E-verify was nearly sold out by Sen. Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi and even Janet Napolitano. But this time they failed to arrest it's capability to remove E-Verify from the Parthenon of tools, that addresses the illegal immigration invasion. Brought into the spotlight by Senator Sessions, they Democratic leadership were unable to sink it beyond the enlightened eyes of the attentive public. As with the 1986 Immigration control and reform bill, those anti-sovereignty organizations have--NEVER--tried to--ENFORCE--the law.

So now those catering to big business are repeatedly saying its broken. like any immigration enforcement laws, Democrats and Republicans alike over decades have refused to enforce the border. A new survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports reveals that 56% of Americans say that federal immigration policies encourage illegal immigration, and 64% believe that local law enforcement should conduct raids in places where illegal aliens gather to find work. Only 19% opposed the raids compared to 24% who opposed such raids back in April. Another condemnation by faith groups is Sen. Chuck Schumer's attempt to claim overwhelming evangelical Christian support for his pending amnesty legislation has crumbled. His master plan was to use the staff and leadership of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) to give the impression of near unanimity.

The NAE tried. But after the members in the pew erupted, only 11 of the 40 NAE member denominations have been willing to sign on to endorse amnesty and Schumer's "comprehensive immigration reform" agenda. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) offered an amendment to the Commerce, Justice and Science (CSJ) appropriations bill that would have prevented CSJ funds from going to cities or localities with "sanctuary" policies (i.e., those cities that prohibit their police officers from assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement, refuse to report criminal illegal aliens, and act as safe havens for illegal aliens). The paranoid Senators voted 61-38 to table the amendment (effectively killing it), with at least one of your Senators voting against the amendment. Unfortunately these are SANCTUARY STATES such as California that is now submerged under massive financial debt, a large portion caused by the millions of illegal families living of state welfare.

Brittanicus said...

This included Sen. DeMint amendment to construct the original--DOUBLE LAYER--fence, authored originally by Rep.Duncan Hunter, which like most approved laws are hastily thrashed in cloaked conferences pandering to corporate cartels and pro-illegal immigrant lobbyists. Thanks to the open border groups our border defenses comprises of a single layer barrier, with large areas of nothing to halt illegal criminals, drug peddlers, uninhibited terrorists and scores of illegal aliens with families from entering America. Sanctuary policies encourage illegal immigration by sending a signal across the world that anyone who manages to enter the United States will be able to stay here as long as they wish - regardless of their status - because our government lacks the will to enforce its own laws. These illegal policies have contributed to our current illegal immigration debacle and are an embarrassment to the country.

Call and blast your Senators and Representative at 202-224-3121 in Washington. Overwhelming the switchboard with your calls, as it is having an outstanding effect of--MILLIONS of angry voters. INFORM THEM DO YOUR DUTY OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES ON RE-ELECTION DAY? Tell them you want a PERMANENT E-Verify, a secure double layer fence and--REAL--enforcement against sanctuary state policies. Read undisclosed facts at NUMBERSUSA. UNEARTH the corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH. Your voice is needed to halt OVERPOPULATION and American Worker survival. Demand NO-MORE-AMNESTIES. Go home and come through the front door, like millions of legal immigrants?