Friday, September 5, 2008

The difference between a leftist and a liberal

Calling a nihilistic leftist a "liberal" is the kind of thing that would have Jefferson spinning in his grave.

These are not people who believe in liberty. They are not advocates for freedom. They do not believe in individual rights. They do believe that the world can be made a better place by placing it firmly under the heel of their boot. They feel that restricting freedom and denying liberty are the keys to making the world a better place. As sick and evil as that is, it is what they truly believe. They are would-be tyrants and should rightly be identified as such.

When you call a leftist a liberal, you're allowing them to define the language that is used to identify them. This hands them the advantage, if not a victory.

The left loves to play word games. They are masters of manipulating language to obscure their own intentions and malign the intentions of their ideological foes.

If you allow them to choose the language in which the debate will be framed, you are going to lose. Don't fall for that trap.

There are many choice words that I could use to describe these people. I could call them crypto-marxist gramscian whores, but that would only serve to confuse people. Instead I generally stick with just calling them leftists. I choose this term because it does not cast them in a positive light, yet its meaning is still understood by the vast majority of people.

As a libertarian (small L), these people are my existential enemies. They are the enemies of anyone who believes that freedom is both a moral good and a practical necessity for a free and just society.

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