Monday, July 11, 2011


Yet another call to legalize drugs

To me the problem with the drug war is not the drugs themselves or their effect on users. The problem is that our efforts to prevent losers from losing by consuming drugs empowers petit fascists to send death squads into homes with no warning under the guise of a "no knock" warrant. No drug is as great a danger to society as our police forces let off their leash.

Luckily there is a long term solution to this problem: selective breeding.

Legalize everything. Sell everything in state-run stores. But to each and every drug add a substance that, if consumed over a period of time, causes permanent and irreversible sterility in both men and women.

The real problem with drugs is not that they ruin lives and often kill their users, but that they don't work quickly enough to remove the trash from our gene pool before they reproduce.

Civilization trumps natural selection, especially in places like the US where losers aren't just likely to survive, but even more likely to breed than winners in many cases.

Allow drugs, as a self-selecting process, to remove the idiots and losers from our gene pool so that, even if they don't die with a needle in their arm, they won't be making any little losers and idiots to cause us grief in the future and expand the welfare roles as vassals for the Democrats.

Let the drugs themselves eliminate the types of people who are likely to use them. Let drugs become the synthetic alternative to natural selection that our gene pool and society so desperately need.