Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The "debate" over waterboarding continues even now...

"Waterboarding Was Effective in Tracking Down Bin Laden Narrative" Pressed by Don Rumsfeld and One Other Guy

The left isn't opposed to torture, they just don't like seeing their friends on the receiving end of the stick. Islamofascists hate America. Leftists also hate America. So naturally leftists tend to like Islamofascists. Hatred makes strange bedfellows.

Make no mistake, if it were a conservative or libertarian American (or especially an Israeli) being subjected to actual torture, complete with blow torches and eye spoons, as opposed to the faux torture of waterboarding, the leftists would literally jizz in their pants over it.

If leftists were genuinely concerned about torture then you'd see them screaming loudest when Islamofascists cut people's heads off, but they are strangely silent about that, except of course when they use such events as an excuse to (once again) blame America.

The greatest threat we face is not Islamofascist terrorism. Terrorists are like stubbing your toe, painful and annoying, but not life threatening. Our greatest threat is that the left will succeed in destroying us from within.

I say this not as a partisan libertarian, but as someone who looks at their ideas and is appalled by what I see. Socialism/Communism/Whatever-euphemism-they-use-today, is evil, full stop, for reasons that should require no explanation. Post-modernism is an attempt to deny the existence of truth itself by people who are on the wrong side of it. Does this mean that they are always wrong about absolutely everything? No, but it does mean that when they find the truth it is either an accident, or a small truth used to promote a much larger lie.

Conservatives and libertarians are not perfect. No one has a monopoly on the truth. But the ideas behind these two philosophies are so much closer to the truth, and are the result of an honest pursuit of truth. Someone who is seeking the truth for virtuous reasons will always come out ahead of someone who is looking to subvert the truth because they are motivated by evil.

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