Thursday, January 17, 2008

A reverse nickname?

Is the "Democratic" in "Democratic Party" a reverse nickname? Is it like the "Democratic" in DPRK?

Lawsuits to prevent people (mostly "minorities") from holding a caucus after they endorse the "wrong" candidate? Say it ain't so Joe!

I do understand where they are coming from though. Their goals for this country are too important! Why should they let something as trivial as the democratic process stand in their way? If you can't win the game, to hell with the rules. This will teach those uppity minorities working in the casinos to remember their place. Just who do they think they are anyway? Voting is a privilege for those "people," not a right. If they can't vote for the right candidate, then they just won't get to vote at all! [/sarcasm]

Then of course there is the lawsuit filed by Denny K in New Hampshire claiming that the Clintons rigged the Diebold voting machines (with the help of Dick Cheney maybe?)

The more I look at things, the more the histrionics in the 2000 election over supposed voter fraud look like Freudian projection to me.

Does experiencing this much schadenfreude make me a bad person?

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