Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Melanie Phillips: Liberalism vs. Islamism

Once again Melanie Phillips demonstrates the profound insight that made “Londonistan” such an impressive book.


The problem with the west is that we have forgotten who we are and where we came from. What do we stand for? What do we believe? Ask people nowadays and you’ll get many different answers, and many people won't even be able to answer the questions, or understand why these questions are important. Of those who do answer, you'll get some who will describe the principles and ideas that our great republic was founded upon. Others will answer with ideas and notions that are the result of cultural marxism and are in fact the ideas of our enemies. Some of this latter group will actually understand and believe what they are saying. Most however, are victims of leftist propaganda with no actual understanding of what they espouse. They hold to these beliefs, if you can call them that, for their emotional potency rather than for their logical consistency or empirical validity.

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